Red Marilyn

Jay Mosquera

Red Marilyn

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TITLE: Red Marilyn
ARTIST: Jay Mosquera
MEDIUM: Painting - Acrylic On Canvas
DIMENSIONS: 36" Height x 24" Width (Vertical)
DESCRIPTION: Norma Jeane Mortenson was an American actress and model. The world's most famous blonde associated with sex appeal, glamour, and high style of the 1950s. This art capture her most iconic pouty stare and beautiful face make her a muse for the ages.

Jay Mosquera is a Filipino artist worked and moved between the worlds of traditional media, television, film, and advertising, He have had the opportunity to practice his art in ways that are both creative and challenging. His professional experience is as varied as his art.

He was a lead animator at Mabsutoon Productions, a character designer at Holy Cow Animation, and a graphic designer/animator at Mosquera Multimedia. He is currently serving as an Art Director for Club Six Studios, Inc. As a freelancer, He have consulted with companies and clients in designing and producing commercial and personal projects.

His style is a mix of Realism, Fantasy, Surrealism and Pop art, which creates a unique style.

His work has been exhibited in Asia, Middle East, and United States.