Divine Love IV

Timothy Kroe

Divine Love IV

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TITLE: Divine Love IV
ARTIST: Timothy Kroe
MEDIUM: Painting - Acrylic On Canvas
DIMENSIONS: 30" Height x 40" Width (Vertical)

Timothy Kroe paintings are an extended journey through our worlds’ spirituality and psychology. They are enriched with archetypes, metaphors and hidden imagery. His works is about the contrast between light and dark, about texture and creates imagery in our minds eye like an artistic Rorschach test, about a journey: whether it’s illustrates directly with a path, or a simple gradation from light to dark. At first glance, White these series are seemingly different, they all possess similar traits and are infinitely connected by them. My hope is that this painting pulls at the subconscious to access the collective unconscious calling for mystical traditions that go beyond dogma. My influences, rather than founded in other artist’s work or a strict academic training, rest with social awareness, Jungian psychology, a magical philosophy, and deeply personal theology

He continually return to images of the human body, because in essence, it is the most magical thing upon this earth, the ability to be strong, yet weak – the contrast between male and female, and the journeys that we all take.  I use the deep sienna and red oxides as a tribute to the mid-west earth of my childhood, its deep red clay, and add the gold in to illustrate our intrinsic connection to the divine.  My figures are always connected to the negative space or the “land” around them.  They are absorbed in the darkness and light, often with head bent down in benediction and reverence, but they always possess an isolated strength that comes from within, rather than an exterior force or belief.

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